What will I experience?

Hypnosis is probably not what you expect it to be. While people have different experiences, most people find it very pleasurable, where they can relax as they allow their inner-mind to be guided and have powerful experiences that change their perceptions and their physiology. The best way to know it is to experience it.

Hypnosis is not sleep! You may have seen at some point, a stage or street hypnotist yell ¨sleep¨ as you watch their subject slump over, seemingly comatose. That’s great stuff, and fortunately just entertainment.  In reality, you experience a profound relaxation of the nervous system that often appears as if you are asleep. In order for hypnosis to work most effectively, you need to engage with the process and actively use your mind and your imagination. It’s true that there is a ¨daydream¨ quality where your mind can drift, but you do not fall asleep. People normally can respond, move and remember what happens in and around them.