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In just a few sessions Ryan has ridded me of 29 years of self sabotage and limiting self beliefs.
He has not only helped me blossom in every area of my life but has also helped me manifest a life and access a mindset I didn’t know I had inside of me.
I always leave Ryan feeling rested, motivated and ready to tackle the world. He is my hero.

K. Valentine


Ryan has excellent insight and skill in helping to unblock obstacles and achieve clarity. Clear, and down to earth, and efficient and effective. Prepare to be transformed..

M. Sudrow


Working with Ryan has been an amazing journey. He has helped me unlock my latent yet highest potential. After one session, I was handling my previous relationship difficulties with ease, not even thinking about it. After a few more sessions, I am now a more confident and successful person. I am starting a new business and juggling different project and still able to handle it all with confidence I never knew I had. I am grateful that I had the courage to step outside my comfort zone and try something new because it was one of the best life changing decisions I have ever made! I highly recommend Ryan!

Kendra Sepulveda

(Quit smoking)

After smoking for almost 30 years, 2 hours with Ryan helped me quit painlessly!!! I’d highly recommend him.

Suzanne Paris

(Nail Biting)

I admit that I was slightly skeptical about hypnotherapy, but since I really wanted to quit biting my nails, I thought I’d give it a try. At first, I thought the therapy sessions I had with Ryan were just supremely relaxing – that is worthwhile in in itself, the same way a massage is worth your time – but I also found that in some sessions I was transported to memories and situations I hadn’t revisited in a long time. If you go with the flow of Ryan’s voice, you end up in surprising parts of your psyche. The end-result: my nail-biting is under control and the urge is a lot easier to control than I had ever expected. So not only were the sessions interesting and pleasant, there is also no denying their effectiveness.

Mark Cloostermans

(Self-hypnosis and coaching)

Ryan has a great ability to challenge your perceptions whilst making you feel incredibly at ease. I noticed a profound change in state after our first session, which left me curious to explore how far I could get in to hypnosis and where this could take me. I immediately felt lighter and since have continually become increasingly aware of my mental processes and less judging of myself. The process he has led me through and the homework he has provided has enabled me to get deeper in to hypnosis and explore the benefits more widely. I love how his model works in building you up in the now as opposed to unpicking your past. Because the work is so based in the present I feel like I am gaining great tools to use every day in life. I still feel like I’m in my infancy of consciousness and ability to self hypnotise but I am fully enjoying the process and exploration of getting to know and use my unconscious mind. I look forward to every session. Thank you Ryan 💛💚💙💜❤

Cara Wood, Educator

(Public speaking)

Ryan helped me work on public speaking. I was very fresh to hypnotism, and it took some active engagement and practice to allow it to take effect. In the end though, I tested out what I’d learnt on a business presentation I had to give. By putting into practice what I’d done with Ryan, I found I was very confident and my communication was very clear. I recommend Ryan if you have a particular goal for hypnotherapy and are serious about achieving it

Sammy Tew
(Stop smoking)

Ryan was great. From our first email to our final goodbye he was warm and welcoming. The work he does is incredible. Within an hour I was able to walk out of the room a different person. Many might question the power of hypnosis- but only those who have taken the risk and sat in the chair will know the power of it. Ryan is a healer. Thank you.

Jim Conner, Professor


I had several hypnosis sessions with Ryan and he helped me a lot to improve my self esteem, inner strength and emotional balance. I can definitely say I’m a different person today than when we started. Working as a designer, I feel more creative now and can take decisions much quicker than before.

It’s the most efficient and quickest therapy I have ever done.Totally recommend him to anyone who wants a life-changing experience.
Thank you Ryan!

Roland Kathrein, Fashion designer

The service offered by Dr Jenkins has been excellent. Keeping a professional point of view, he explained me the whole process that we were going to begin. The results were incredible. I would recommend anyone at least a couple of sessions – even just for curiosity.

Enrico Piazza

(sleeping problems)

Ryan has been instrumental in helping me overcome long term sleep issues. I had a couple of sessions with him and he also gave me recordings to listen to outside of the sessions which as a whole has significantly improved my ability to sleep and quality of sleep. I’d recommend Ryan to anyone who has similar problems.

Louise Anne Humphries

(Stop smoking)

Having smoked like a train for the past 15 years I was looking for a way to free myself from it. I had tried everything but with no joy until I was told about Ryan’s practice. Ryan gave me the necessary tools to break the habit without the use of nicotine replacement in a clear, concise and friendly manner. My lungs have been clean of smoke for over a month now and I feel 100% better. I cannot recommend his services enough.

David Phillips, Filmmaker


Very recommendable in any way. he will open up new ways of thinking and behaviour through talks and deep hypnosis sessions, going to the source of the problem.

Ulas Aksunger, Musician
I contacted Ryan regarding various addictions I have had for many years, and have been unable to control of my own accord. We started by tackling the longest standing of those addictions, cigarettes. Within 1 session I was free of my tobacco addiction and for the first time in 20 years I wasn’t smoking, which needless to say was incredibly satisfying and liberating.

I continue to work with Ryan tackling other destructive behaviour patterns and he is helping my focus my mind and energy in areas that are most productive at this point in my life. I came to Ryan feeling a little desperate and in real need of help, in the 2 months I’ve been working with him,

I’ve changed my outlook completely and have made huge changes in my daily life and general outlook. I’ve not felt this calm, relaxed and controlled in a long time.

Rob, Restauranteur
(Quit smoking)

I had tried everything to quit smoking but I never lasted more than a week. Until a mutual friend recommended Ryan to me. I didn’t think it would work but I had nothing to lose. It’s been one month since I had my last cigarette and I feel great! The longest I’ve been without smoking since I was fifteen years old! I’m fully satisfied 100% and wanted to recommend Ryan to anyone and everyone! Thanks Ryan!

Steve M., Personal trainer

I went to see Ryan about better ways to manage my anxiety which I have had for a number of years. We did a number of sessions together which really helped me with the way I thought about anxiety and how to get me in a better space. The practices I learnt are really valuable and I still use them today one year on. Ryan is amazing. It is so easy to talk to him about anything. He is very professional and friendly. I would definitely recommend you trying some sessions with Ryan to help you build your confidence and know that you can deal with managing your anxiety and fears in new and unique ways.

L. A., Human Resources Director
(Weight loss)

A good friend recommended Ryan’s services, and even though I wasn’t really sure about using hypnosis for losing weight, I gave it a go. I couldn’t be any happier! I have already lost a stone and a half and I’ve managed to keep my weight down by changing my eating habits to a much healthier way of life. I can’t praise his services enough and I will very happily recommend them to anyone looking for professional help that actually works.

Ruth, English professor

Ryan is AWESOME!

His calming presence, openness, humanity and clarity in sharing perceptions to see the real issues at heart (in my case, to give up smoking, low self esteem, problems to relax, problems to communicate myself positively…) have been truly enlightening.

In the preparation and during hypnosis, Ryan is in complete service to the work. He is absolutely focussed on the goal and gently guides you to relax, to trust the healing process of hypnosis and the power of the unconscious mind.

The sessions with Ryan were crucial for me to see clearly the absolutely negative and very destructive images and attitudes I held within myself, about myself, which motored my self-destructive addictions. With Ryan´s help I was able to go deep into a state of hypnosis, to create and put in place new positive information about the kind of person I want to be and empower the person who I really am.

I have been longing for so long to “change my game” but I always felt that I could not do it alone. With Ryan it was easy. He is the best caring coach and hypnotherapist you could wish to have by your side. There is no doubt that seeking his help was the best thing I could have ever done for myself. Change!

T.S, Musician and voice coach.
(Experiential hypnosis session)

I would just recommend it to anyone.

It’s a special state of mind, which affects all of you. There you find the space to connect and find again some forgotten or hidden, but really alive parts of your being.

When you become more aware of those, it awakens your perspective and the important things in life become more important. This echoes in your life, thoughts, decisions and your way of doing them.

I found it a shower for the soul, an experience and a way of learning… often overwhelming for its beauty.

Thank you Ryan!

Jordina M., Concert pianist. Teacher.
(Performance coaching)

I was very curious about hypnotherapy in order to gain more emotional stability in stressful situations. I had the feeling that some times my emotions took over the control and led to less than optimal decision-making. I very much liked Ryan’s approach, because it was very structured throughout all sessions. First, he did a very good job understanding all nuances of my specific problem. And only after that he developed a specific training program, which would fit my needs. On the way I got an even better understanding of what hypnotherapy is and how to use it to my advantage. Ryan showed me a lot of daily techniques I would practice continuously on my own alongside our weekly sessions to make them more effective and increase success. I didn’t have a clear idea about hypnotherapy beforehand and was very surprised how methodical and systematic Ryan’s approach was and how easy it became to implement some techniques in my daily life.
Besides the positive experience working with Ryan on my specific problem, I noticed a positive effect already after the first sessions.

Herbert O., Author. Professional gamer.
(Quit smoking)

I had been a smoker for 26 years with many unsuccessful attempts to quit smoking using different methods. When a friend suggested hypnosis as a method to quit smoking I thought of it as another unsuccessful attempt. Apart from being very skeptical about such methods I am not an easy person when it comes to relaxation (a real challenge for Ryan!). Five minutes after I walked into his office I was filled with a sense of security, calmness and positive vibrations! Ryan´s ability to detect immediately how your mind works and his intuition about how to make you feel safe and comfortable is admirable! His approach is very positive, almost contagious and he is very caring and supportive. I´m so happy to have met him and work with him and I am very grateful that he helped me to start a new life with a healthier and happier version of myself!

The positive effects of working with Ryan have been immense. I’m an actress and our sessions mostly focus on working on ways to strengthen my abilities and confidence in this area. Through our sessions, as well as by using the techniques that Ryan taught me to practice on my own, not only do I feel my craft has benefited, but I’ve also noticed improvements in many other areas of my life. I simply cannot recommend Ryan highly enough!
Wendy, Actress
(personal growth)

I decided to make some changes in my life and found Ryan’s contact online. I went for 4 sessions with Ryan where we talked about what changes I wanted to make and how to achieve them. It’s a very interesting science and I have experienced some good reaction to the hypnosis sessions. I have now audios to work with at home to continue to adjust things in my life. Ryan is very professional and makes you feel like you can open to him.

Gaspard F.
(Nail Biting)

I had no idea about hypnotherapy before finding Ryan. My problem was nail biting.
I had been biting my nails for many years and I just wanted to stop because this was causing me injuries, and I didn’t like the look of my hands. I also knew it wasn’t good for my job.
In the past I had been able to stop smoking alone so I thought it would be easy to quit my habit, but up to that moment every attempt had been useless!
Ryan claimed with hypnotherapy it’d be possible to stop biting my nail easily in few sessions…and so it was!
We had two hypnosis sessions and even after the first one I stopped injuring my fingers, it was incredible!
I’m very happy with the results. I haven’t bitten my nails again.
Ryan fully satisfied my expectations, THANK YOU!

Matteo A. , Dentist

I first came to Ryan to assist me with my anxiety and overall tension from being overworked, travel, and some situations in my personal life that had a high amount of uncertainty, all of which were contributing to poor mental health.

Ryan’s ability to relax the body and tap into the subconscious with visual suggestion and navigate the individual through his mind is an amazing and relaxing experience. By suggesting visual cues to the listener it is easy for one to redevelop and rehabilitate poor mental thinking and poor mental habits that are subtle and easy to develop over time. Learning how to calm the mind and relax can actually be a daunting thing in today’s society, so having Ryan offer these theraputic benefits was a huge contribution to my over all health, and gave me new techniques to better conduct myself and my thoughts.

Ryan has a very open ear and an open mind and has a high amount of confidentiality, I felt very safe and open sharing my problems so that he could address them in what ever manner he seemed fit. I would suggest this therapy to anyone whether they are going through good or bad times. Positive suggestions and mental cues that feed the subconscious can only be beneficial to the individual, and having someone like Ryan guide you through your mind is a blessing and brings relief.

Christopher M, Illustrator. Graphic Designer