The truth is you are already confident. You probably can confidently tie your shoes, make a cup of coffee or take a shower. The feelings of confidence are already part of who you are, but you may believe that you cannot feel that way in all the situations you want…yet.

Imagine the feeling that you are able to do something and really know that to be true. That unshakable powerful confidence to do and be anything you want is all in your mind! That means that when you do a hypnotherapy process or practice the Inner Mind Design Techniques that I teach my clients, you train the aspects of your unconscious mind or psyche to recognise and learn all the times and places in your life where you are already confident and generalize those feelings to other parts of your life.

You see, the human mind learns by generalizing experiences. For example you are confident that you can brush your teeth because at some point you realized that you could repeat this behaviour and it became automatic, in the same way you can learn to install the feelings of confidence so that they are there for you at all times.