After smoking for almost 30 years, 2 hours with Ryan helped me quit painlessly!!! I’d highly recommend him.

Suzanne Paris

Quit smoking with Hypnotherapy

It’s time you got real about quitting. I’m not sure what the reason is for you…

You might have realized just much you stink as workmates, clients and potential dates make that face when you get close to them. Maybe you feel embarrassed that you have to sneak outside to have that little break when your family, friends or colleagues are perfectly fine without the deadly weed.

Or maybe you notice that you’re not able to do the same things as non- smokers. You find yourself unable to move the way you used to and just cant be bothered to exercise as much as you know you could.

It could be that you realize just how much money it’s costing you ( it just gets more and more expensive!)

Or perhaps you notice a pain in your chest that wasn’t there before and you’re worried that it might be something serious.

The truth is every time you put out that cigarette, you stop smoking. It´s only that voice in your head and that fear of being uncomfortable without your Crutch that keeps you in a perpetual loop. The good news is that staying a non-smoker is easy when you want to and have the right kind help on your side.

How do I know this? I was once where you are. I was a 20+ a day Smoker for years and years. I tried many times to quit and every time it jus got harder and harder and I felt so bad about myself…my self-esteem took a major hit every single time because I felt that I was not strong enough. This was because I thought my willpower was weak. It was horrible to feel so weak.

Fortunately I realized that my will power was not the problem, I was actually really strong…it took a fortitude and physical strength to be able to pull that smoke in through my lungs every single day…Then I discovered the power of Hypnotherapy.

Through using the techniques I now employ with my clients, I was able to quit smoking for good. You too will leave my sessions a non-smoker. If you too want to breath the clean air of true freedom (from nicotine of ALL KINDS), and feel that amazing sense of control that comes from being 100% smoke free, I would be glad to help you.

I had tried everything to quit smoking but I never lasted more than a week. Until a mutual friend recommended Ryan to me. I didn’t think it would work but I had nothing to lose. It’s been one month since I had my last cigarette and I feel great! The longest I’ve been without smoking since I was fifteen years old! I’m fully satisfied 100% and wanted to recommend Ryan to anyone and everyone! Thanks Ryan!