Podcast – Adam Eason

Episode 108 – Featuring Ryan Jenkins


“Adam interviews this week’s guest, Ryan Jenkins.

This week’s ‘Hypnosis in the News’  section features stories contrasting stories about a dubious celebrity endorsement of hypnosis (or alcohol!) and a story showing the fallibility of using hypnosis for eye witness testimony in a court of law.

This week’s discussion with Ryan Jenkins is talking about his early life experience with a tribe in Papua New Guinea and how he has found parallels between the techniques adopted there and his hypnotherapy work.

The Factoid of the Week features a very different and rare type of study published this very year that focuses on hypnotically induced out of body experiences.”

Podcast – Phil Goddard

Episode 060


A Hypnotising Journey

From Goroka in Papa New Guinea, Ryan’s journey has taken him to many parts of the world, including Europe, Bangladesh, Australia, the USA, Asia. Following his passion for music, an associated injury led him to Hypnotherapy, which he now practices in Barcelona, Spain.

In this episode he gives us a valuable insight into how coaching and hypnotherapy can compliment each other to create permanent and lasting change.

Here’s a little more about Ryan:

Ryan is a hypnotherapist, change-worker and Integrative coach based in Barcelona, Spain.
His first experiences with healing and change came very early on in life when his Mother discovered a “lost” indigenous tribe in Papua New Guinea. Ryan witnessed first hand how tribal healers used forms of ¨Trance¨ to heal people. This profoundly influenced the course of his life.

This led to a deep study and practice of meditation and self-hypnosis, hypnosis, NLP and personal development. He now coaches people and enjoys creating music when he can.


Podcasts – Primal Happiness

Episode 203- Will you be hypnotised into a deeply relaxed state? (September 19, 2018)


  • Deep relaxation is a powerful and healthy state for your mind and body and is something we can create the space for more of in our lives.
  • You naturally change state throughout the day, you don’t necessarily need hypnosis to do so. It’s more about noticing those state changes as they arise.
  • Look out for changes: these could be changes in your breathing – such as a slowing, notice how your body feels in this moment, do you feel a little more release, a little bit more relaxed: just notice that’s the state you’re in. Try to rest in that state for as long as you can.

Episode 202- A fly on the wall exploration: all things hypnosis (September 13, 2018)


This week’s show is a little different… we’re back with Ryan Simbai Jenkins. Ryan runs a hypnotherapy/change work practice in Barcelona Spain where he has lived for the last 7 years and is explores the boundaries of performance, therapy and coaching with people from all walks of life.

In this conversation, Ryan kindly gave me the space to ask him all of the weird and wonderful questions that I’ve been pondering around hypnosis. We recorded this, knowing it might never make the show given it wasn’t going to be of interest or helpful for everyone but then once we’d finished speaking, we both agreed that actually it was worth sharing with those of you who are more into diving deep into this stuff.

Episode 199 – Innate wellbeing: how to sift the truth from the myths (August 15, 2018)


  • Ryan’s upbringing allowed him a rare insight into how humans live, behave and feel when they’re living in more ‘natural ways’. Whilst there absolutely was the full range of human emotions and behaviour, including anger, sadness and violence, there was s a lack of the common mental health issues that we consider normal in today’s world, there was no chronic anxiety for instance. There was a resting state of presence, joy and connection.
  • The other way that innate wellbeing is spoken about is our spiritual nature – that’s sometimes as the observer, the witness, and the stillness behind our thoughts. As Ryan said, whether it’s always there or not, is it always accessible?
  • When we become good stewards of our lives we can begin to access both the human and spiritual aspects of wellbeing. When our primal needs are taken care of that leads a lot of space for self enquiry into our spiritual nature.

Episode 48: Interview With Ryan Simbai Jenkins

by Howard Cooper | Rapid Change Matter

Full interview:

Rapid Fire Question Round:

The Club with Lucas and Lucie, Radio Kanal Barcelona (English)

Podcast from 16th  January 2018

“On this week’s episode of #TheClubwithLucasandLucie, we chew the fat with #RyanSJenkins of @Hypnotherapy in Barcelona. We’re getting the lowdown on the effective reality and truths behind it all! Join us every Tuesday from 11-12 noon on RKB

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La República Santboiana, Ràdio Sant Boi (spanish/catalan)

Podcast from 23rd march 2017,

The health space: Ryan Jenkins, hypnotherapist (23/03/17) Today in the Health Space Republic Santboiana we bring the hypnotherapist Ryan Simbai Jenkins who will explain how to use hypnosis as a psychological method to cure addictions of all kinds, such as tobacco, alcohol, gambeling, etc.

Espai Salut: Ryan Jenkins, hipnoterapeuta (23/03/17)

Avui, a l’Espai Salut de La República Santboiana portem a l’hipnoterapeuta Ryan Simbai Jenkins qui ens explicarà com fa servir la hipnosi com a mètode psicològic per a curar addiccions de tot tipus, tals com la del tabac, l’alcohol, el joc, etc. 

Resident Aliens Radio, CoolturaFM

Podcast from 28th November 2015,

Resident Aliens Radio with Cecilia is Sponsored by the American Society of Barcelona and the Casa Ronald de Barcelona. Interviews wit

h prominent people in Barcelona all in English. With cutture, science, politics, expat issues, technology and more. (http://coolturafm.com/event/resident-aliens-radio/ )