We humans are learning all the time. We cannot not learn! The unconscious part of our mind is constantly learning and applying what we learn. Many people have unintentionally learned that certain things or situations produce a FEAR response in them and they have learned to call that a phobia. What they do not realise is that they have certain unconscious strategies. They see, feel and hear certain things in their minds before they actually produce the fear feeling.  They feel their thinking and buy into FEAR (False Expectations Appearing Real).

The feelings of fear are caused by the fight, flight or freeze response, a totally natural survival response that occurs when there is a threat in our environment and a part of our brain called the amygdala is stimulated. The increased heart rate, sweaty palms, dry mouth and a desire to run have all evolved from actual situations where our ancestors had to literally run for their lives!

Unfortunately, in the modern age our amygdala is being constantly over-stimulated, as we are bombarded with images and thoughts that are designed to make us fearful. Just turn on the news and you’ll soon find yourself fearful for your life, but most probably not of anything in your immediate environment.

Hypnotherapy can help you live a life free of fears and phobias by helping you get to the root of your fear, understanding whether this fear is rational or irrational and changing your inner experience of it by desensitizing how the amygdala responds (hypnosis activates the body’s natural relaxation response).

We look at how you ¨learned¨ the particular phobia and how what you are thinking causes the fear response. We use methods like Socratic questioning and Cognitive restructuring to really understand how you do this. We question those thoughts and perceptions to make sure they are the most truthful and helpful for you.

As part of Cognitive restructuring, we make sure you know exactly how you would like to feel and then with hypnosis and mental rehearsal, install these new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving until it is totally natural for you to be Fearless in these situations.

Often people notice that as they let go of fears in one area of life, they find themselves acting fearlessly in others.

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