How can Hypnotherapy help you?



Whether it is experienced in specific situations (like public speaking, exams, a date, or job interview) or is a general anxiety about life, it can make people behave in ways that are unhealthy and unproductive, creating unnecessary stress for […]

Sometimes referred to as the black dog, depression is something that touches the lives people of all backgrounds. Whether you are a student in high school, a mother raising a family or a top tier CEO, depression is a serious illness and not […]

We humans are learning all the time. We cannot not learn! The unconscious part of our mind is constantly learning and applying what we learn. Many people have unintentionally learned that certain things or situations produce a FEAR response in them and […]

Weight Loss is not a physical challenge it’s a mental one. The Key to losing weight is not only exercise, but changing the way you eat and relate to food in general, […]

Professional Growth

Professional Growth

Some surveys show that people fear public speaking more than they fear death. The good news is that with hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioral techniques you can be free of this fear easily and quickly.

The truth is you are already confident. You probably can confidently tie your shoes, make a cup of coffee or take a shower. The feelings of confidence are already part of who you are, but you may believe that you cannot feel that way in […]

Are you an entrepreneur? Would you like to know how you can stay focussed on success without burning yourself out? […]

Unwanted habits

Unwanted Habits

Stop Smoking for good!
It’s time you got real about quitting. I’m not sure what the reason is for you […]

If you find yourself anxious and worrying unnecessarily about things that are out of your control, hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioral techniques can help you regain that true control that you deserve.

Hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioral techniques are proven highly effective in changing compulsive behaviors. If you do something that affects your life negatively, it’s your right to live free from that!

Experimental Hypnosis

Experiential Hypnosis

Experiential hypnosis. Unleash you inner-genie! […]

Hypnotherapy also helps with...

Hypnotherapy also helps with...

Nail biting, Enuresis (Bed-wetting), Habits, Eating disorders, Relaxation, Blushing, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, Stress, Guilt, Sexual problems, Sport Performance Optimization, Nerves (exams, tests etc.), Confidence, Self-esteem, Sleep problems, Letting go, Panic attacks, Addictions, Shyness / Social Anxiety, Headaches, Bereavement, Illness, Relationship problems, Skin problems (stress related), Arthritis, Concentration, Memory,  etc.