My view on Hypnosis

After studying and working with many models of hypnosis and examining the most plausible scientific evidence, I have reached the personal view is that hypnosis is not a special or altered state, rather it is a completely natural condition of the mind where you experience a very specific type of focus, often accompanied by deep relaxation. It is a mind-set that allows you to access very powerful resources of the psyche, including all mind-states. It can be considered as the ¨mother¨ of all psychotherapies!

In my opinion, hypnosis, in combination with Cognitive-Behavioural and Coaching Techniques, is quite simply the most powerful change technology that exists. Even though there are many different views on hypnosis, I believe that there are some that are more in line with reality than others.

While many of the effects and changes people report seem to be magical (such as having profound experiences that resolve deep issues rapidly) the magic is not because of a hypnotist’s power or skill, it is because of the individual’s ability to enter into the process. It is a two-way, collaborative process where the hypnotist shows you how to use your mind in ways that are most aligned with the reality you prefer. The truly magical moment comes when you realise that you are always able to connect with a vast reservoir of abilities, insights and wisdom. Hypnotherapy can show you how.

We experience hypnosis every single day. For example we can experience highway hypnosis when we enter a car, start driving and realise we have arrived but cannot remember the journey at all.
Or when we are reading a book and have become so totally engrossed in the experience that hours can pass without us even noticing. Have you ever read a book that has changed you forever? That’s the power of hypnosis.

What will I experience?

 Hypnosis is probably not what you expect it to be. While people have different experiences, most people find it very pleasurable, where they can relax as they allow their inner-mind to be guided and have powerful experiences that change their perceptions and their physiology. The best way to know it is to experience it.

Hypnosis is not ¨sleep¨! You may have seen at some point, a stage or street hypnotist yell ¨sleep¨ as you watch their subject slump over, seemingly comatose. That’s great stuff, and fortunately just entertainment.  In reality, you experience a profound relaxation of the nervous system that often appears as if you are asleep. In order for hypnosis to work most effectively, you need to engage with the process and actively use your mind and your imagination. It’s true that there is a ¨daydream¨ quality where your mind can drift, but you do not fall asleep. People normally can respond, move and remember what happens in and around them.

I see clients for a minimum of 4 sessions (with a week in between). This is to make sure that you learn how to integrate the skills and techniques that will bring you lasting change. I choose to offer a multi-faceted and integrally focused approach that ensures that my clients have the best chance of achieving their desired outcomes.
  • Understand that hypnotherapy is a collaborative process and you should be ready to work with me to produce the changes you want in your life.
  • Be open to ¨try on¨ new perspectives, perceptions and concepts to produce the positive changes you deserve.
  • -Be ready to let go of ideas and beliefs that do not serve you.
  • Make time to practice the simple skills I teach you and be committed to learning and applying the strategies, mindsets, and techniques that will make you self-empowered, so that you will not need to rely on a therapist in the future.
  • Be prepared to believe that therapy can be fast, effective and even (*gasp*) fun for you.
In order to get the results you want, you will need to participate in your therapy. As a hypnotherapist, I am simply a guide, committed to helping you get there by giving you the best map possible and guiding you through the terrain. But ultimately it is you who will have to walk it. This means that you will have to complete homework tasks outside of our sessions that will help you get the best results from the hypnosis.

We will agree on these together and rest assured; you will never be asked to do anything that you don’t want to. All tasks will be relevant to your treatment and may include:

  • Practicing self-hypnosis or relaxation.
  • Listening to special self-hypnosis recordings to reinforce your positive gains.
  • Practicing mindfulness meditation techniques.
  • Journaling (taking note of specific changes or occurrences in your day).
  • Doing behavior ¨experiments¨ designed to take you out of your comfort zone