Experimental hypnosis. Unleash your inner-genie!

The hypno –lab. I am proud to be able to offer this to anyone who is interested in having a very special and powerful experience of his or her inner-mind. This is not therapy. This is not coaching. But I guarantee you will with have both a healing and powerfully transformative experience.

To know more about experiential hypnosis, check out my blog post: The world within: diving deep into the inner-mind

Gift a session:

This card is the key to experiencing your inner-mind through the hypnotic Guided Inner Focus Technique. Through creating a relationship with your inner-mind, yoexperiential_hypnosis_gift_card_Barcelona_hypnotherapyu will learn how to find creativity and relaxation from the source of true wellness within.

I would just recommend it to anyone. It’s a special state of mind, which affects all of you. There you find the space to connect and find again some forgotten or hidden, but really alive parts of your being.
When you become more aware of those, it awakens your perspective and the important things in life become more important. This echoes in your life, thoughts, decisions and your way of doing them.
I found it a shower for the soul, an experience and a way of learning… often overwhelming for its beauty.

Thank you Ryan!

Jordina M., Pianist

In these unique 1-1 sessions I synthesize all my experience of modern neuroscience, personal development styles, advanced hypnotherapy techniques and 10 years of daily of personal meditation practice to give you a personalized guided tour of your inner-mind. Giving you tools, and techniques to be able to access your Unconscious mind and break inner boundaries quickly.

This is for explorers and action takers!