Sometimes referred to as the black dog, depression is something that touches the lives people of all backgrounds. Whether you are a student in high school, a mother raising a family or a top tier CEO, depression is a serious illness and not something you made up in your mind. This not the ordinary emotional lows that people feel as result of living life, it may be severe enough to affect our ability to work, sleep, study eat and enjoy life. Whether it is major depression or persistent depressive disorder, it is not simply a matter of cheering up.

Before I work with anyone experiencing depression, it is necessary that they have a medical diagnosis from a GP and receive written consent from their doctor.

In traditional talk therapies, psychotherapeutic and especially psychoanalytic methods have focussed on treating depression on the premise that the solution exists in analyzing the past, going over the reasons why they are depressed.

While I feel that it is important to know the history surrounding important events in a person’s life, I do not feel that it is helpful to constantly revisit this event in hope of relief. In fact over-thinking about the past often causes the depression in the moment and can even traumatize them

I believe that the state of depression has to be maintained over time by a process of thinking and feeling a certain way. When people realize that this is being created in the present moment by something they are  doing and not by past or future events, it is often quite a shock (especially after years of therapy and medication).

Hypnotherapy and Depression

My method is to help people to see clearly how their thoughts, perceptions and mental attitudes have created a thing called depression.

The Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy approach helps them realize that they are feeling their thinking and gives them tools with which to deal with their emotions and reactions. I work with my clients to make sure that they are thinking in ways that are useful, helpful and most representative of the reality they prefer. We use hypnotherapy to get focussed on what actually matters, the present moment reality and their sincere, well planned goals of the future, rather than ruminating about the past or living in FEAR (False Expectations Appearing Real).

Depression often has other factors and disorders that co-occur at the same time, (so called co-morbid issues) such as lack of self-esteem, confidence, anxiety and insomnia. These are all things that are examined and worked on during the treatment.

You are not depression

Apart from our hypnosis sessions, I teach my clients very effective tools that have very strong evidence base- such as mindfulness and self-hypnosis, as well as give them self-hypnosis audios that I have recorded to re-enforce all of the work we do between sessions, creating powerful changes for them.

If you suffer from depression and are interested in hypnotherapy, please contact me.