Whether it is experienced in specific situations (like public speaking, exams, a date, or job interview) or is a general anxiety about life, it can make people behave in ways that are unhealthy and unproductive, creating unnecessary stress for themselves and those they care about.

There is no doubt that a life lived with anxiety can be one of the hardest things to cope with and many people turn to prescription medications, substances, alcohol and other addictive behaviours to deal with those feelings. This may work for a while, but sadly chemical dependency and tolerance often follows, compounding the stress and suffering.

The good news is that the majority of the suffering is psychological, and both experience and evidence show that with the appropriate tools and guidance, people can experience the amazing relief and overall well-being that comes from living anxiety free.

Where does anxiety come from?

Anxiety comes from ¨feeling our thinking¨ about our life situations. The mind develops thinking habits over time and automatically makes judgments about our life based on our often-wrong perceptions and B.S (Belief Systems). If left unexamined and unquestioned, over time we believe these to be the Truth about our life, when the ¨Truth¨ may be anything but.

One may think things such as ¨I don’t have enough ability to do this¨ or I ¨I can’t deal with this¨ or ¨he doesn’t like me¨. What many don’t realise that every such statement said to yourself and believed, is accepted as a command!

Whatever your situation is and whatever your real capabilities are, the way to access inner resources such as Focus, Relaxation or Deep Connection, is through first changing how you speak to yourself and how you see yourself.

How can Hypnotherapy help?

Cognitive Hypnotherapy looks at this by examining your life situations and helping you change your perceptions and self-statements to better fit your reality (the reality you want) while also giving you powerful Tools to deal with those situations in the future. We question those thoughts and perceptions that bring you suffering and bring them into the ¨light of truth¨. Making sure they are honest and reflect the most helpful, truthful possibilities for your life.

When you can honestly say to yourself ¨I CAN do this¨ ¨I Can deal with this¨ or ¨I´m not a mind reader, I don’t know what they think about me¨ and know it to be true , you will feel that personal Power that comes from being in control of your life.

In hypnosis, we can examine those situations and events that ¨make ¨ you feel anxiety (and remember, you are only ever feeling your thinking! ) and let you experience how you really want to feel. Installing positive beliefs, emotions that help you act NOW. You learn how to test your reality and mentally rehearse those situations so that when they come up for you again, you are prepared with the thoughts, feelings and behaviours that truly make you happier and more productive in your life.

I first came to Ryan to assist me with my anxiety and overall tension from being overworked, travel, and some situations in my personal life that had a high amount of uncertainty, all of which were contributing to poor mental health.

Ryan’s ability to relax the body and tap into the subconscious with visual suggestion and navigate the individual through his mind is an amazing and relaxing experience. By suggesting visual cues to the listener it is easy for one to redevelop and rehabilitate poor mental thinking and poor mental habits that are subtle and easy to develop over time. Learning how to calm the mind and relax can actually be a daunting thing in today’s society, so having Ryan offer these theraputic benefits was a huge contribution to my over all health, and gave me new techniques to better conduct myself and my thoughts.

Ryan has a very open ear and an open mind and has a high amount of confidentiality, I felt very safe and open sharing my problems so that he could address them in what ever manner he seemed fit. I would suggest this therapy to anyone whether they are going through good or bad times. Positive suggestions and mental cues that feed the subconscious can only be beneficial to the individual, and having someone like Ryan guide you through your mind is a blessing and brings relief.

Christopher M, Illustrator. Graphic Designer