Ryan Jenkins is a highly recommended hypnotherapist and coach. During his time training with my college he attained the very highest levels of achievement with his studies. His personal client work in the years since then has gone from strength to strength and he continues to deliver the very highest standards of hypnotherapy and coaching. Ryan is a humble, continuous student of life which you encounter upon meeting him; he draws upon such a wide and diverse range of fields and life experience that fills you with a sense of immediate assurance and you’ll feel his warmth. I can’t recommend Ryan highly enough, you’ll be pleased you chose him as your therapist or coach


Adam Eason
, Best selling author and Principal of The Anglo European College of Therapeutic Hypnosis 

Ryan is one of the most lovely, uplifting, and gentle people you could hope to meet. He carries such a compassionate and non-judgmental way of being that it feels like you could share anything with him. He is an excellent hypnotist with a wide variety of methods and tools at his disposal, and works in such a way that he keeps you interested, all the while learning new skills and owning the process yourself. And I can’t help but mention that Ryan has THE best laugh I have ever heard – completely contagious!”

Lucy Hyde  –  Hypnotherapist, Elite Coach and Ex-Barrister

Despite many years as a performing musician, I struggled severely with stage fright, occasionally blacking out and relying almost entirely on muscle memory in order to make it through performances.

I recently had an opportunity to lead a two hour TEDx workshop for a large audience, and after a few years of explicit practice and training in public speaking, I was still struggling with nerves and a lot of negative self-talk. I reached out to Ryan for a virtual hypnosis session hoping that he might be able to help me feel more confident on stage.

We had one session. One. Singular. As a transformational teacher and coach, I’m generally skeptical of “easy buttons” and “revivals” of any nature. I honestly did not expect to have such instantaneous results. But what I got out of that one session was an unwavering belief in my capability as a speaker, the potency of my authenticity and vulnerability, and the power of my impact. By the time I walked on stage, I didn’t even tremble. It was an extraordinary experience.

Ryan has a true gift in achieving almost instantaneous attunement to the root cause of any issue and shifting the fundamental landscape of beliefs around it in an extraordinarily short period of time. Combined with my own preparations, my experience of our session is that it released the obstacles that were preventing me from seeing my own gifts for myself, so that I could more deliberately share them with others.

Antesa Jensen  –  Coach – Author – Speaker

Amazing hypnotherapist. He will go to the true source of the problem to dissipate the illusion you have created.
I can’t think of a problem he will not help with

Juan José Quesada  –  Coach and co-founder  at  Simple

The passion, enthusiasm and indeed commitment that Ryan embodies for his craft is both clearly evident and magnetic. Even if he weren’t so likeable, he’d still be one of the most effective and attentive practitioners I have encountered.


Skyler Shah (The Happiness coach, TEDx Speaker) http://www.skylershah.co.uk/