Ryan Simbai Jenkins

(Dip Hyp, HPD, MNCH [Intl.],GHQP, NLP Prac.)

Clinical Hypnotherapist, Personal Change Consultant and Transformational Coach

General Hypnotherapy Register
National Council for Hypnotherapy

Ryan’s appearance in Resident Aliens Radio, CoolturaFM

Podcast from 28th November,

Resident Aliens Radio with Cecilia is Sponsored by the American Society of Barcelona and the Casa Ronald de Barcelona. Interviews with prominent people in Barcelona all in English. With cutture, science, politics, expat issues, technology and more. (http://coolturafm.com/event/resident-aliens-radio/)

Ryan is one of the most lovely, uplifting, and gentle people you could hope to meet. He carries such a compassionate and non-judgmental way of being that it feels like you could share anything with him. He is an excellent hypnotist with a wide variety of methods and tools at his disposal, and works in such a way that he keeps you interested, all the while learning new skills and owning the process yourself. And I can’t help but mention that Ryan has THE best laugh I have ever heard – completely contagious!
Lucy Hyde – Hypnotherapist, Elite Coach and Ex-Barrister
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