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The world within: diving deep into the inner-mind

Albert Einstein once said ¨the only source of knowledge is experience¨. This world is full of a vast array of things we can do, be or have and when it comes down to it, all we have is experience itself. An entire life can be built around the idea that to encounter or undergo [...]

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Mind control and hypnosis

One thing that stops many people from benefitting from the incredible power of hypnosis is the idea of it being used as "mind control". Cue scary music. Let’s talk about myth of mind control. Often people have some false impressions about hypnosis being some form of mind control. The hysteria created by the George Du [...]

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Believing is achieving

After several years participating in personal development and transformational events, certain patterns clearly began to emerge. On one hand the techniques being taught were often truly amazing (especially when it came to hypnosis and NLP) and even though people often reported what I call the BAM (Big Aha Moments!) of personal change and insight, they [...]

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FEAR, the other 4 letter word

 You know what I mean. That feeling of tightness in the chest and stomach, your throat closing, your hands beginning to sweat and that unmistakable impulse to RUN AWAY. It is not a fun state to be in, but the truth is that without that very natural body response, you wouldn’t be here. This totally [...]

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