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Ryan Simbai Jenkins

C.ht, Dip Hyp, HPD, MNCH (Reg.),GHQP, NLP Prac.

Clinical Hypnotherapist, personal change consultant and transformative coach

I am what is called a third culture kid, someone who was raised outside of their parents home culture for a significant portion of their life. My mother was a medical anthropologist and researcher and my father a professional musician, photographer and teacher. I am a U.S citizen, but I was born and raised in Papua New Guinea and lived there until I was around 13 years old. After that I lived in Bangladesh. Australia, The U.S.A, Cambodia, Thailand and The Netherlands. A nomad, I know! Now I am happily based in Barcelona, Spain.


In my early teens I had the privilege of being accepted to and attending the Duke Ellington High School for the Arts in Washington D.C and later the Rotterdam Conservatory (CODARTS) in The Netherlands to study music. I’ve played all over the world and I continue to practice and play music regularly, although my schedule does not permit me to do it as much as I used to.

I practice meditation and self-hypnosis every day and am constantly reading and studying about hypnosis, NLP, coaching, psychology, neuroscience, Zen mastery and personal development in general.

My Love of this field comes from the amazing personal transformations I have experienced in my own life. As a high achieving student and professional performer, for as long as I can remember I strugglIMG_4181ed to manage stress and in moments of my life I tried absolutely everything you can imagine… breathing exercises, meditation, counselling, even strange alternative techniques. Then I found the power of Clinical hypnotherapy to easily and quickly resolve stress and anxiety.

Now I manage all the things that ARE important to me:  my health, family, friends and business.

The personal changes that I witnessed in myself were seemingly nothing short of miraculous and I found a deep desire to help others experience the same, but I also realized that the field was full of poor quality practice and shoddy training.  This is why I chose to train with Adam Eason at the Anglo European College of Therapeutic Hypnosis– Adam is one of the most highly respected evidence-based hypnotherapists, trainers and bestselling Authors in the field. His dedication to teaching quality, ethical practice was what caught my eye and I truly believe that providing the highest level of evidence-based hypnotherapy is changing the field rapidly. I consider it a privilege to have studied with him and as I continue to develop professionally, I strive to offer the same quality in my consulting rooms.

If you would like to experience the transformational power of hypnotherapy or coaching in your life, just click the contact button, and let´s get started. What are you going to change?